You can be inspired.

Mostly inspired by Martha Stewart Living magazine, January 2012 issue

Week of December 19, 2011


You can make portraits your own.

instead of showing what everyone else sees,
i want to show the immortal essence that everyone feels.


Winter Totem

Gems for clarity
Beards for critter-hiding
Ribbons for celebrating
Owls for wisdom
Bears for hugging


You can believe in ghosts.

It makes death a little less frightening
to believe that you can hang around for a while,
as a lovely guardian ghost,
when you're gone.


Atomic Holiday Bazaar: December 11th!

The Confetti Monster will be offering the following treasures:

*Feather Crowns
*Leather Headband Crowns
*Starfish-accented Hair Accessories
*Gnome Plushes
*Monster Plushes
*Folk Art Pin Badges
*Sugar Skull Paintings
*Clay Pendants (including bears, unicorns, and tiny houses)
*Vial Pendants (specimens such as crab claws, dried flowers, and dandelion wisps)
*Shell-accented Lockets and Rings
*Pinata Taxidermy
*Tiny Plush Pendants (including monsters and matryoshkas)
*Folk Art Treasure Chests and Boxes
*Original ACEOs

Pictures coming soon!

You can stop saying 'good-bye'.

I never feel like "Good-bye" is enough
when I have to leave my dogs/husband/parents/sisters/best friends.

So I decided to rewrite "Good-bye" to fit how I really feel.

I have to go now, but my heart stays behind with you like a {benevolent} Ghost.


Challenge: What would YOUR true 'good-bye' be?


you can make

worlds and worlds

[characters like china dolls
that rest on your bed]

Self Portrait: Day One-Hundred-and-Twenty-Seven

i'm folding you into a crane
and wearing your good luck into the rain

Self Portrait: Day One-Hundred-and-Twenty-Six

today was about you
but i'll be here,

Self Portrait: Day One-Hundred-and-Twenty-Five

i'm always waiting
to begin

Self Portrait: Day One-Hundred-and-Twenty-Four


you can live in my head
and fill me with
things meant to be said

Self Portrait: Day One-Hundred-and-Twenty-Three


[good night]