Current Obsessions

"Adventure Time"
Many people (including some of my 7th grade students) argue that this show is
"too random".  I say, the random-er, the bett-er.

I have been stocking up on Bath & Body Works lip glosses like
they're going out of production.  I bought about ten different kinds within the last couple of weeks.
Can't get enough.

...and I'll have to admit I've stocked up on about six or so of these
(how could I saw NO to this deliciously girly scent that costs, right now, only a dollar?

The Beach
(although I have yet to venture there this year, I cannot wait)

Minnetonka Moccasins
*Canvas top--tan
*Beaded eagle top--dark brown
*Undecorated--light brown
*Ankle boots--reddish brown

Side braids, to spiffy up my 'do, ya know?


Design inspiration found on Where The Lovely Things Are

(Gonna try some of these techniques in my own work)

My lil girls, Jelly Bean and Lady Jane.

Have a beautiful Monday!

Portrait Day Twenty-Three

"How do the choices you make impact your identity?"

(today's essential question for 7th grade Language Arts)


Portrait Day Twenty-One

You can't act despicably
and blame it on me
(running away was not your finest idea)


Portrait Day Seventeen

What's the difference between
the Things You Are
the Things You Tell Yourself?


Portrait Day Five

Incredibly thankful for a near-perfect day,
and still reeling from last night when I discovered
Ben Breedlove's story.

(make sure you check out part 1, part 2, and his sister Ally's speech)


Portrait Day Four

Inspired by Lola from Bravo's Work of Art

Her work in the "Selling Out" episode was genius
and inspiring.

(It's beautifully honest, I'd Google it if I were you...)


Portrait Day Two

I'm actually quite enjoying this New Year so far:

1. Kisses
2. Quality Puppy Time
3. A great friend to share hilariously awkward moments with
4. Off work early (which absolutely never happens!)
5. A whole year of lovelies to look forward to...



For the next 366 days, I will post a portrait a day.

Here goes...

{inspired by Sara J. of Work of Art, season 2}