be who you are
say what you feel;
giving in to yourself
all that's really real.


Gathering wishes

This morning was perfection--
gathering wishes and swimming in them, too;
hiding from a snarling ghost dog;
spying on a red-headed woodpecker;
listening to deep-throated bird-spun music--
learning, for just a few moments, how to really
b e .


little tinies

drinking rainbows
and trampolining on sunsets--
their world encapsulates so much more
than our spinning turquoise globe has ever known


sitting in hospital rooms
and holding each others' choked back tears
i can't imagine taking this all in
without my sister bears


Don't let the sun go down on me

Sunset in Hospital Room 946

Art Affair

I boo-cher ze Fwench acsent, oui?

Ze poopy en ze feet.

A bay-bee!

Ah, oui, a poo-del -- from my home country!

Oh, shaggy poopy!

Ze poopy who turned eets back on me!

Ze vweelchair poopy.

Hee-den guitar man.

World's Best Cat Litter

I had hoped the brand
World's Best Cat Litter
would live up to its name at least somewhat when we bought it,
but I must say thank you,
makers of World's Best Cat Litter,
for saving my nose's life.

Merci, merci.


Pop is dead


Mumford & Sons
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
Marina and the Diamonds
Florence and the Machine
Cold War Kids

(who else?)