Self Portrait: Day Fourteen

my day is full of miracles,
of sun beam glances and space crystal eyes and star speckled stares--
i don't believe you'll let me

Self Portrait: Day Thirteen

Hey, Jude--
I wanna hold your hand
Blackbird's singing in the dead of night

Self Portrait: Day Twelve

Set me down and tie me up
Haunt my dreams
As ghosts fill me up


Self Portrait: Day Eleven


tiny seahorse corpses in the sand
find their way into my hand
filling in the cracks like nothing else can


Self Portrait: Day Ten



i turn the pages to stir my heart
(i withhold my breath as her world falls apart)
i hope the end betrays the start

Self Portrait: Day Nine

there are some things
i do not dare
but wearing flowers
in my hair
is a small rebellion
that i must bear

Self Portrait: Day Eight

how wonderful life is
in my world


Self Portrait: Day Seven

 First, admire the wonder of how your body moves
Second, find a hibiscus hideway
Third, entice a bunny to ride on your shoulder
you can be you


Self Portrait: Day Six


Steering wheel mustaches and listening to Florence & the Machine
are my only but my best cures
for a bad day's sting


Self Portrait: Day Five

Her heart beats so wild and so loud and so fast
I close my eyes tight
To make the ghost of her last

Self Portrait: Day Four

A meadow of snapdragons and strawflowers
Drew me in--
They filled me up and fragranced my skin


Self Portrait: Day Three


They told me to Speak and I didn't have the words
So I painted my heart and sold it to the birds


Self Portrait: Day Two

I sit and watch and think I am alone
but here you come singing in your baritone
voice that makes me think of unicorns



Skull Garden

i found you a garden and gave you a name
now your heart will never be the same

Curious Weekend Snippets

"Hey, Tommy, I'll see you in drag tonight!"

overheard at SRQ's Relay for Life


a wall token at OPC (Old Packinghouse Cafe)


Could Amy Poehler be any more adorably obnoxious in this skit?


Cause & Effect

Cause: Drinking rainbows.


One week ago

I met Shadow Pup(pet)...

...Curl, not Carl...

...a polar bear of a dog...

...two nose-crossed lovers...


...and Kesha.