Self Portrait: Day Ninety

this has been more enchantment
than my heart can hold
(so i'm spilling it out into the world)

warning, world:
prepare to be confetti'd
with a lifetime of treasured moments
that fill you up like sweet kisses of honey
and hold you tight like the hug you never want to end

Self Portrait: Day Eighty-Nine

insanity oreo
(before the rum & cokes, too)
triple stuffed

Self Portrait: Day Eighty-Eight

we can't all be princesses
and we can't always have sun--
but we can bear any rain
with warrior heart-drums.

Self Portrait: Day Eighty-Seven

i could live on a yogurt mountain.

with my husband and my pups,
and my family nearby, maybe on the next mountain over
(i think theirs would be Mount Reese's).

with lots of notebooks to fill
and lots of books to read.

with canvases to drench
and petroglyphs to be etched.

with a high ropes course
and hammocks
and rope swings, too.

with a slide to the ocean
and wild animals to adore.

while we're at it,
let's add some fairies and gnomes and tiny giraffes,
and i think i'll call it a day.


Self Portrait: Day Eighty-Five

went shopping/exploring today,
and for once, i didn't buy much
(i'm so proud of myself!),
just a salad and a diet coke.

oh yeah, and a
h o u s e


Self Portrait: Day Eighty-Four

don't you ever
if you are doing this--
living, i mean--
r i g h t

[how do you know?]

Self Portrait: Day Eighty-Three

i'm sneaking into dream worlds
and musical words
i'm very good at becoming lost
but i want you to find me most

Self Portrait: Day Eighty-Two


i'm dancing hard
i'm jumping high
i'm falling far
into the beat, my sky

Self Portrait: Day Eighty-One

i'm throwing
at your feet

(kiss me, darling,
i can't take this heat)

Self Portrait: Day Eighty


i'll only travel
with llamas by my side
(they won't let me hide--
they'll break me out and send me sprawling)
i can hear them humming, calling


Self Portrait: Day Seventy-Six

 i am much
than i


Self Portrait: Day Seventy-Five

cowboy boots
gladiator sandals
cuban sandwiches
sprinkled meringues
moccasin mission
silent lambs

(a strange day indeed)

Self Portrait: Day Seventy-Four

Home {is wherever I'm with you},
I've missed you too much.

[don't let me go away again for so long, please]

Self Portrait: Day Seventy-Three

because he's here,
i am, too

(we made a promise
and we kiss on it

Self Portrait: Day Seventy-Two

I could get used to
having my covers turned down before bed at night
and free chocolate on my pillow
to ensure only the
d r e a m s.

Self Portrait: Day Seventy-One

On my odd-est birthday yet,
a day spent at a conference
with my colleagues,
away from my family
and my pups
and the ability to tell anyone off because, "It's my birthday!"

Thank you, you three dear colleagues,
who spent the evening with me
being absolutely fun and hilarious
and who bought me delicious
Birthday Cake Remix ice cream.
You'll never know what your kindness means to me.

Self Portrait: Day Seventy

Birthday Eve
(a l o n e
with my pups
and my crown
and a charming badge
from my sister bear)