It's not even October yet, but...

...the retail industry seems to think it's time to break out the Halloween decorations.

This is the one holiday I'm never disappointed to see a bit early.

"ghosts and gems"

"you were never really gone"

"teaching me to fly was your best mistake"

Happy not-even-close-to-Halloween!


What time is it?

It's Ice-King-spying-jealously-on-Jake-and-Peppermint-Butler-as-they-share-a-piece-of-gum time!

It's make-your-own-mathematical-music time!

It's hang-out-with-some-cute-monster-friends time!

Happy Sunday Time!


Geometric Leather Necklace DIY

There are so many beautiful designer geometric goodies out there, but collecting such treasures becomes quite expensive, no? 
So why not make your own unique baubles and trinkets?

scrap leather (I found a bag of assorted colors at Michael's), scissors, hot glue gun & glue sticks, Elmer's glue, glitter, suede cord.

First, cut your leather to the desired size and shape.  I chose triangles!

Next, put a small dollop of glue with your hot glue gun onto the back bottom angle of one of the triangles.  Quickly adhere your second piece of leather to the first, overlapping the two as you see in the photo above. Repeat with the second and third pieces of leather.

Use your hot glue gun to adhere the ends of your suede cord (or leather or ribbon or whatever you choose) to your overlapping triangles.

If you want to add some pizzazz to your necklace, spread Elmer's glue onto the leather and sprinkle glitter over it.  Place paper or a container below your necklace during this step to catch excess glitter.

Now for the fun-est part, in my opinion!
Use your hot glue gun to adhere tiny treasures...
like tiny ceramic skulls,
colorful worry dolls,
or collected sea shells!

Happy Gluing!


Supah Simple Photo Display DIY

A photo display can serve several purposes:
1.Original wall decor
2. Headboard replacement
3. Happy-memory-reminder

two nails, a hammer, string/twine/ribbon, clothespins, photos

First, measure and mark the ends of your photo display.  Drive a nail into each marked end.  Tie a cotton string (or ribbon or twine or whatever you like) to one nail.  Pull the string tight and tie it to the other nail.  You want the string to be taut because your clothespins and photos will weigh it down a bit.

Next...add your photos using clothespins!

See how supah simple that was???

My husband and I set up this display above our bed, and every morning we wake up to wonderful memories of a magical day.

Happy Memory Displaying!


I spy...

...a bowl of sticky-sweet vanilla chip meringues.

...collected charms anchored to a rainbow of bracelets.

...a turquoise gem, not mine to wear, but adored.

 ...unicorns trotting the perimeter of my mind, always.

 ...a frog eating dog food...an amphibious anomaly?


all they stole is your stories
(but your heart is next)


Current Obsessionssssss

instagram* - sugar free slurpees - geography trivia apps - skittles - building terrariums - "the big bang theory" - blow pops - art history - biking - hip hop abs - pugs - "who wants to be a millionaire" - diy projects

*you can check me out under the name, you guessed it, confettimonster c:

Happy obsessing!


Dear Summer 2012,

I just wanted to say thanks, for all this.




the Confetti Monster

P.S. Tell Winter to bring some lovely things our way, too, please!