Let's Get Spooky: Glittered Bunting DIY

All Hallow's Eve is near, so it's time to get spooky!

Now, although the instructions for this DIY are spooky-simple, the process is quite a labor of love...but definitely worth it, my little monsters!

Materials: Cardstock, string, scissors, glitter, Elmer's glue, hot glue gun, tray for catching excess glitter, soundtrack to The Nightmare Before Christmas

First, turn on your Jack-and-Sally music.

Then cut out your letters.  I cut my letters out free hand, but if you're looking for a specific font or don't feel comfortable cutting free hand, download a font you like and trace it onto your cardstock, then cut away!

Next, spread the Elmer's glue (I used my finger) across your first letter.  Be sure to spread thoroughly!  Sprinkle your glitter over the letter.  Shake off excess glitter into the tray (when you've completed the project, pour the excess glitter into its container).  Repeat for each letter.

You'll probably need to go back and touch up any spots that are lacking in the glitter department.  My advice is to use the same color paper as the glitter you're using--that way, if you ARE missing glitter in any spots, it's not obvious.

Finally, use your hot glue gun to attach string to the back of the letters.  Once dry, you are ready to display your masterpiece!

So, monster mashers, time to get

S P O O K Y ! 

Happy Haunting!


Glittered Pumpkin DIY

I know it's a Christmas song, but I can't seem to get the lyric "It's the most wonderful time of the year"
outta my head...
because Halloween just might be
the true most wonderful time of the year!

Supplies: Pumpkins + Elmer's glue + glitter + tray

Use a tray (I actually used a box lid)
as your work space so that you can catch
(and save, of course) your excess glitter.

Spread some Elmer's onto your pumpkin.
For my first pumpkin,
I made small glue circles to create a polka dot look.
For the second, I designed a cute skull face.

Glitter away!  Shake off excess glitter into your tray (or in some special cases, box lid).  You might need to gently blow some of the more stubborn pieces of glitter off.

Ta-da!  A cute skull-faced baby pumpkin...

...and a polka dotted cutie (soon-to-be) pie!

Happy Haunting!


Angel Bayou

Swaying like a specter on a swamp-licked porch,
Angel Bayou lights her haunting torch--
Like fireflies you're drawn so eerily in
To a beatific flame's promise you'll be born again.


Happy Day!

it's not our birthdays,

but let's
eat sugared fluffy cake and
wear our favorite vintage dresses and
dance around with a rainbow school of balloons,
shall we?


After seeing "Frankenweenie" in theatres...

 ...it's time to bust out da Halloween decorations!

This is Albert.
We've been together for one year now.
Happy Anniversary to us.

Pumpkin Salsa?
Yes, please!
And baby pumpkins for decorating?
Challenge accepted!

And for the grand finale:
a PUMPKIN Popcraft
handmade Mexican popsicle!

{this is so easily my favorite time of the year}

What are
enjoying this lovely fall season???


Collection #11: Worry Dolls and Their Pets

Growing up and growing old
Suddenly feels like a coffin of mold
"It's not so bad", that's what I'm told,
But I think instead I'll stay young and gold