Self Portrait: Day Sixty-Nine

waiting for the steel bird that flew me home
to the darlings i left behind

Self Portrait: Day Sixty-Eight

the grand Venetian + a wild mother + two sister bears +
two delicious gay guys + an intriguing beauty + an eloquently animated lady +
giants and lights + daily frozen yogurt indulgences + outfits as art
six days of treasure


Self Portrait: Day Sixty-Seven

at sixty-seven years old,
i trust she knows what she means
when she says,
"Enjoy him now,
enjoy every moment with that beautiful man,
you must enjoy every day,
you must enjoy everything, all the time."

and i feel like letting go
of the thoughts that bring me down
and i feel like becoming
a hot air balloon of laughter and colour and everything the world has never known.

every moment will be my treasure.

Self Portrait: Day Sixty-Six

a canyon of petroglyph secrets
and roadrunner trails
i'm tempted to dream
of marbled, magnificent fails

Self Portrait: Day Sixty-Five

i saw a buffalo
in a valley of fire
i wanted those mountains
to climb much higher

to reach something ancient,
something precious,
something ghostly
and free

Self Portrait: Day Sixty-Four

i learned this week that
being a total
g o o f b a l l
with the people you love


Self Portrait: Day Sixty-Three

Happy Fathers' Day
to my one and only
Papa Bear

(we had fun today, huh?)

Self Portrait: Day Sixty-Two

my day was filled
with sunning puppy sisters
antique llamas and Moroccan glasses
a sky that was a pink masterpiece

h o m e


Self Portrait: Day Sixty-One

once again
is the essence
m e

and that makes me feel whole
for now

Self Portrait: Day Sixty

i can't stop dreaming
of showering my hair in feathers
and painting my skin with peacock colors
and dancing about with the feet of a deer

(when i'm lost in the woods
i know that home is near)

Self Portrait: Day Fifty-Nine

in another life
i might have been
an Indian princess


Self Portrait: Day Fifty-Eight

i've found that
acting slightly insane
(in public)
makes you feel
loads better

Self Portrait: Day Fifty-Seven



feather crowns
cream-filled popsicles
puppies running about my feet
a husband to kiss my cheek
memories of laughing with my sister bears

birthdays are happy, indeed
{happy birthday, sister bears}


Quite unlike a "good old-fashioned nightmare"

Matt & Kim
live in concert
m a g i c a l.


they reel you in
make you fall in love.
all of you.