Collection #10: Folkart Award Ribbons

Art Installation: Folkart Award Ribbon Wall




Art doesn't have to be complicated or expensive, just genuine.
The same goes for love.
l i v i n g




/to be ok/
/you are magic/
/the world is yours/
/every moment is the best moment/

A little GEM for you...

Like Mr. Warhol, let us live

/w e l l/
/b e s t/
/f u l l/
/l o v e/


It's quite a compliment, you know.

With your long black spider eyelashes and
your glowing, rosy cheeks out of breath from love,
I remember a thousand plush goodnight kisses
and too many goodbyes I'll never be rid of.


Dog Days

This dog is CRAY CRAY, ya'll.

Collection #9: Adventure Time!

little treasures slid under my classroom door by two students during back to school night...while parents were in the room.

best email ever?

i love when my students give me any artwork...but when it's adventure time?  that's just plain mathematical.

the difference between dweeb and cool guy.

oh my glob, lsp, you sexy thang!

my very own jake the dog and ice king c:

ice king is very jealous of jake and peppermint butler's friendship.  very jealous.

jake made friends with some uggles!

jake really DOES grow! (when you put 'em in water, that is)

jake and the terrarium kingdom

hitchin' a ride on lady jane.

Baby, it's true:


Collection #8: Papa Bear's Bottle Caps

Sea monsters whimper at the whisper of your name
I, a lone sailor, can't help but feel the same
So I call back, a little louder, to win this game
But sleep, my old mistress, was the only one who came


Collection #7: Dried Flowers

Sweet lilac gloss snakes its confection across your lips
A scarf that tintinnabulates with brass coins around your hips
Enamored, mesmerized, I watch your secrets unfold
With a honeyed resplendence I wish that I could hold


Collection #6: Pouches

Dressing up for parties with fairies and trolls
Painting lips with glitter and eye lids with coal
Donning feather crowns of ivory and magnolia perfume
Waiting for a skeleton to blossom into her groom

Dancing ferocious steps and writhing arms in splendor
Trembling muscles ache but refuse to surrender
Surrounding breathless beasts, a hundred eyes grown wide
Watching a bantam girl unfold into a ravenous bride

Collection #5: Toys

I bathe in memories of monsters under the bed
Wishing I had had the courage to join them instead
Of waiting for those more grown-up days
That now, I reject, in almost every fucking way.


Collection #4: Teal/Turquoise/Aqua

Gnomes that play instruments you never quite knew
In brilliant complexions of a sea's green-blue
I'm thinking out loud because thinking is hard to do
But I'm very, very certain that home is always you.


Collection #3: Confessions of a Chronic Crafter

Garlands of starfish, both yellow and white,
Above jars of seashells, some speckled, some bright,
Sit upon books, handwritten and scribbled in,
Housing secrets and love notes and novels that could have been.
Shelves of figurines and dolls, from monsters to gnomes,
Shadow more shelves where collections of acorns make their home;
Gold-appliqued ghosts haunt turquoise kissed walls
As inspiration births another meticulous craft squall.


Collection #2: Keys

Sterling silver and brass,
fake-gold and plated with nickel
Unlock with ghostly antique whines
while teardrops might start to trickle;
A gushing like deep garnet gems,
exploding with quiet unrest
Until a blushing secret flies open
like a never-been-opened chest.


Collection #1: Treasures from London

Phantom worlds of amber 
climb out of rare and whispered prose,
Rusting love-bird prisms 
dangle over golden love-bird bows;
A perfume that licks the wrist 
and a pocket watch that knows
How lightly worry dolls perch 
beneath your checkered, burdened pillows.


The People I Meet

Meet Mickey, the car rental sales guy in St. Maarten:

(the only person there who was actually what he seemed)