Portrait Sixty

{February 29th}
is either
m a g i c a l
or a
m i r a c l e.

Either way,
it's pretty dern special.


Daily Adventures: February Part 1

(Part 2 coming soooooon, so for now enjoy Part 1, party people!)

A fabulous weekend experimenting and home-updating.

Another fabulous weekend, this time spent exploring my sister's future home.
As you can read, I am both jealous and nostalgic.
But, of course, I am also terribly excited for the girl.

I don't usually watch football, but this game was gooood!
So was the food.  And the commercials.  And hangin' out with family and friends.

Again, Part 2 will be debuting soon, but for now, I'll say
Have a good night,
enjoy lovely love,
and savor delicious hot dogs.

Portrait Fifty-Seven

...but, could you love
m e ?


Air Plant Shell Decor DIY (so easy!)

Start off with
several small air plants
assorted medium-sized shells.

put the air plants inside of the shells.

That's it.

But the end result is so elegant, don't you think?



Portrait Fifty-Six

one day i'll follow through on this
t h r e a t.


Current Obsessions: Entertainment/Culture Edition

"The Voice"

This is Linsey, my favorite singer on the show so far (Youtube her, you'll be sooo happy you did).
Okay, I usually don't watch singing competition reality shows, but lemme tell you, this one is GOOD.
And that's partly because all the singers invited to the show ARE good, it's just a matter of whether the coaches want them on their teams or not.  The judges can get pretty passionate and definitely add a lot of humor to the show.
Plus, having Adam Levine doesn't hurt.


This is basically like a free iTunes, and although it probably doesn't have everything iTunes does,
it's got most everything you're probably looking for,
from Elton John to Glee to Nicki Minaj to Karmin to Marina & the Diamonds to Lil Wayne to She & Him to, well, I think you get it.

Sincerely, Kinsey Blogspot

This blog does not disappoint--not only does Kinsey blog pretty much every day (and maybe it IS every day), her posts are warm and inspiring, full of vintage clothing ideas and unique DIYs and lovely, lovely photography (her photo shoot of this cutie will make you go weak in the knees).


Sooo, I know sloths aren't technically considered entertainment, but I've been watching Youtube
videos and a recorded show from Animal Planet on sloths, and I feel like just by watching
their adorable, painstakingly slow antics, my dreams are coming alive.  Ah, the adorability. (Yes, I just made that word up.  Feel free to use it any time you like.  You're welcome.)

Raising Unicorns by Jessica S. Marquis

I just finished reading this little treasure last night.  Hilarious, outrageous, original, unicornical--what more
could you want from a book?  And as unicorns become increasingly popular--my seventh grade students
and I mention unicorns in class somehow at least once a day--this is the guide to teach you
everything you ever needed (that's right, NEEDED) to know about these magical creatures.  For instance, did you know there are four types of unicorns, known as Purebreds, Karmics, Twinkletoes, and Gigglerumps?
Now you see why you desperately need this guide asap.
And once again, you're welcome.

Portrait Fifty-Two

Oh, home.


No words...

...to really, truly express how loved and treasured I feel.

There's always room for you, Papa Bear.


A new project!

I've started a new project that's basically
a visual diary of my days.

I've wanted to post in case it didn't work out,
and even though it's not perfect--which is better than being perfect, if you ask me--
I'm falling in love.

Please enjoy!

January 28th, 2012

January 30, 2012

January 31, 2012

February daily adventures coming soon!


Favorite placemat (bought at a Mexican restaurant in Sint-Maarten)

Favorite plate (vintage and thrifted, one of many eclectic plates used at my wedding)

Favorite drinking glass (also vintage and thrifted, and just plain darling)

Favorite quick-and-easy meal (98% fat free turkey hot dogs and ketchup)

A lovely lunch, certainly;
it doesn't take much to make a happy meal
(a meal that's happy, not a kid's meal from McDonald's, of course).

Happy Eating!

Portrait Fifty-One

a GEM of a


Portrait Forty-Eight

3-Day Weekend = Fabulous

Teacher Pay Cuts & Insurance Premium Increases & Furlough Days & No Pay Step Increases & Things Not Looking Better For Teaching in the Near Future
 = Why are we being shit on?

So you can see how I'm torn about how I should be feeling right now.


Portrait Forty-Six

Just because I'm not
kind of
b e a u t i f u l
n o t


Unconventional Valentines Day Flower Arrangement

I was inspired by the Sarasota Farmers Market
to make my own unique flower arrangement.

I was also quite excited to experiment and
see what whimsical thing I could come up with!

I bought sky blue hydrangeas and bright green mums from the farmers market.

My mum (hehe) gave me a few roses she cut from her rose bush.

Obviously, I had to cut down all of the stems, especially since I decided to use a glass jar
(which once housed pickles) instead of your typical vase.

And even though I had no clue what I was doing, really,
I'm so proud of my unconventionally gorgeous
Valentines Day Flower Arrangement.

{Happy V-Day!}

Portrait Forty-Three

and don't let me


Portrait Thirty-Nine

I want more of
of sweet petal perfumes
moss beneath my toes;
I want more of
of rainbow shell hideaways
anemone gardens that glow.


Portrait Thirty-Eight

is for people
who can't get over
themselves/their faults/their mistakes



Portrait Thirty-Six

We normally watch "Jeopardy!",
but today we'll enjoy a ball game.

Happy Super Bowl!