Portrait Ninety

It's the difference between
"Oh, darling" and "Oh, hell"--
so should we live wisely
or should we live well?


Portrait Eighty-Eight

i dress myself up
with feathers and things,
in love with the idea
that i've made my own wings.



Portrait Eighty-Five

[you, i don't forget]

Ma & Pa's

Lonely cactus (but that's the way he likes it).

A fraction of ma's antique decorated vessels...

...and another small piece of that lovely collection.


Home is wherever I have you.

You, Mr. Folk Art Rooster.

You, little ceramic puppy named Meatloaf
and you, my love letter books.

And of course you, little yeti made by my favorite Etsy seller.

{night, ya'll}

Portrait Eighty-Four

[couldn't you just, though?]



Pieces of home...

Shelves are for art/perfume/brooches/vinyl toy collections.

I love my fragrance and lip gloss collection terribly,
but I can't help but really adore Marc Jacob's Daisy
and hope that it's in my collection someday soon...

Jelly Bean, my pup,
and Foxbutt, my unicorn that I sleep with instead of using a pillow between my knees.
And here the two are, together and comfy.

{oh, home}

Portrait Eighty-Two

a baker who plays music would be okay,
t o o.


Instax view of Cupcakes and Chaos!

Introducing Cupcakes and Chaos!

Our lovely little tent set up at Palma Sola Botanical Garden's annual plant sale on Saturday!

A lovely little seating area for customers to enjoy their treats.

Our lovely little cupcake push pops in our homemade planter.

A lovely little plant to decorate our space.

Two lovely little business partners.

Our lovely little build-your-own-cupcake station!

If you can think it, we can make it!

Portrait Seventy-Eight

in color


Portrait Seventy-Seven

Nope, but I AM missing out on sleep time
as my business partner and I venture into the chaotic world of

(more to come on that...)


Portrait Seventy-Six

Desoto National Monument

Our new friend, Bambi!

A lovely little view...

Shell treasures left behind on a bench, so carefully arranged, for me to find!

A piece of my own sea collection.