Glittered Pumpkin DIY

I know it's a Christmas song, but I can't seem to get the lyric "It's the most wonderful time of the year"
outta my head...
because Halloween just might be
the true most wonderful time of the year!

Supplies: Pumpkins + Elmer's glue + glitter + tray

Use a tray (I actually used a box lid)
as your work space so that you can catch
(and save, of course) your excess glitter.

Spread some Elmer's onto your pumpkin.
For my first pumpkin,
I made small glue circles to create a polka dot look.
For the second, I designed a cute skull face.

Glitter away!  Shake off excess glitter into your tray (or in some special cases, box lid).  You might need to gently blow some of the more stubborn pieces of glitter off.

Ta-da!  A cute skull-faced baby pumpkin...

...and a polka dotted cutie (soon-to-be) pie!

Happy Haunting!


  1. Loving your pumpkin creativity!! I really like the skull faced one, :-)

  2. Thanks, you! I guess I just wasn't in the carving mood at the time, so this is what happened instead!