Let's Give Thanks, Darlings...

...for a NON-Thanksgiving DIY.

That's right.  No hand turkeys or foam pilgrims here.

Just wand/flag thingies.

It's not that I'm a Thanksgiving Scrooge, or anything like that.  
But as wonderful as Thanksgiving is, it just doesn't feel very...magical, the way other holidays do.
So here's a bit of magic, just because we should be able to find whimsy any time of year, or day, or life.

Supplies: A branch/stick, glitter, crepe paper (one or multiple colors), raffia or string (one or multiple colors), Elmer's glue, a plate or piece of paper to catch excess glitter, a hot glue gun and glue (optional)

First, slather some Elmer's glue on the tip of one end of your wand/flag.  Sprinkle your glitter over the glued end of the wand/flag.  Catch and reuse excess glitter.

Next, use the Elmer's glue OR your hot glue gun to spread a line of glue below your glittered end.  This will anchor your crepe paper.

Attach one end of your crepe paper to the line of glue.  Wrap the crepe paper around the stick once.  Spread another line of glue, but make sure this second line is not directly over the first (you want to avoid getting the crepe paper too wet or making a giant bump of hardened glue).

Repeat this step of wrapping and gluing once or twice more, until you feel that the crepe paper is secured to the stick.

Below my yellow crepe paper, I repeated these steps to include a strand of pink crepe paper, too.

Below the crepe paper, lower on the stick, use the raffia to tie a knot.  Wrap the raffia around the stick, covering the knot and continuing to wrap your way down the stick.

You have two options when you get to the end of your raffia-hot glue it or tuck it (as you can see in the picture above, I did the latter).

Add another string of raffia, like I did, in another color, if you like (and I think you will like).

You now have something magical to celebrate your 
holidays-and EVERY day-with.

Happy Celebrating...
and, of course, Happy Thanksgiving.

After all, we have so very, very much to be thankful for, yes?



  1. Absolutely lovely. I'd have to agree that Thanksgiving doesn't get me all excited like other times of year. But, this year I've enjoyed taking an inventory of what I'm thankful for as a way to celebrate this holiday in a way other than eating some mashed potatoes that someone else made. This is a really awesome project and I should make one.

  2. You absolutely SHOULD make one. You will fall in love with it and want to wave it about constantly and show it off to all who will look your way. :)

    And this holiday SHOULD be about stopping to be aware and thankful for what's good in our lives, rather than an excuse to stuff ourselves.

    Happy Giving Thanks, you! :)