I spy...

...a bowl of sticky-sweet vanilla chip meringues.

...collected charms anchored to a rainbow of bracelets.

...a turquoise gem, not mine to wear, but adored.

 ...unicorns trotting the perimeter of my mind, always.

 ...a frog eating dog food...an amphibious anomaly?


  1. I feel really good about you. And I'm excited about the amount of likes you're currently giving me on instagram. Do you have a twitter? @maryhassound

    1. Haha, I spent sooooooo much time adoring your instagram feed! I should have been sleeping, but I seriously couldn't stop scrolling through your instagram. I'm so inspired by your creativity, and I really love your public installations. I've tried to do a few small public guerrilla art of my own, but I think yours are so great. I do have a twitter, @confettimonster (I think but I'll have to double check), but I really don't get on it much. But maybe I will have to now! Do you have a blog or a tumblr? I have a tumblr that's also under ConfettiMonster. I'd love to follow you there, too! :)