Graphic Tee Fringe DIY (sooo supah easy!)

This is a great DIY for:
a) Revamping some of your wardrobe.
b) Updating some of your fave graphic tees.
c) Playing with scissors.
d) Making your outfits slightly more whimsical.


First, cut off the bottom hem of the shirt.

Next, start fringe-ifying your tee!  It's better to cut less at first because you can always go back and alter your design.  I recommend trying on the shirt often to see what needs to be tweaked.  I tried on my shirt several times and discovered that at first, my fringe was too short and thick for my taste(that's what she said???), so I went back and cut higher and thinner; easy fixes!

Your final product is both a flashback and a fashion forward!
That's some wicked (easy) trick, huh?

Happy Fringing!

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