DIY Skittles Vodka

You can turn this into a funky gift (like I did for my sisters) or a colorful experiment--
either way, you're gonna have fun!

First, you need a decent vodka and about a pound of Skittles (this is actually a 14-oz bag so I supplemented with a "share size" 4-oz bag, too).  You'll also need glass jars or bottles (I chose Mason canning jars) and five empty plastic bottles (not shown).

Because there are five colors and I have twin sisters, I decided I'd fill ten jars, two of each color.  I sorted out each of the five colors and put a different color in each of the five empty plastic bottles.  Then I filled the bottles with even amounts of vodka.

Next, you let the mixture sit for several hours.  You want the Skittles to completely dissolve into the vodka, so it helps if you intermittently shake each bottle to speed up the process.  Once the Skittles are completely dissolved, you have to sift out the good stuff because a white film (my husband was thinking it's the wax from the candy) develops on top.  Use coffee filters or even paper towels to sift out the mixture from the plastic  bottle to the glass jars.
And then, bam!
You have homemade Skittles vodka.
Enjoy, darlings!

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