Father's Day Shield DIY

Father's Day can be a weird holiday, I feel,
because my father means so much to me,
yet it always seems that there are no gifts out there that I can buy that are meaningful enough to show him that.
I usually end up making something for him,
and this year I thought I'd share my ideas with you so you can create something unique for your
special papa, too!

I decided to make an identity shield,
and it's actually quite simple!

Start by cutting out a shield shape (it's easiest if you fold a piece of paper in half and then cut so that both sides are even).  You'll then trace that shape onto a blank piece of paper (or cardboard or canvas or whatever you plan on creating your artwork on).

My supplies are always on hand, and this is what I like to use:
an inky black pen (that doesn't smear when I apply watercolor)
to sketch out my drawings
Lyra Aquacolor watercolor crayons to add color afterward.
I used a Sharpie for this project to outline the shield.

Now you sketch!  The shield I made this time is pretty simple,
but make yours as intricate (or not) as you want.

Next, apply your color
(obviously you can use any medium you like; when it comes to watercolors, I prefer the watercolor crayons for coloring over my drawings, but I love traditional watercolors if I plan on drawing over the color).

Because I used sketch paper, my shield didn't feel sturdy enough when I was done painting it.
I decided to add a cardboard backing for support.
Trace your shape onto the cardboard and cut it out.
Easy peasy!

You can cut out a strip of cardboard to attach to the back of the shield to help it stand up (kinda like a picture frame) but I found a little plastic picture holder (which you can barely see in the photo) to keep my shield upright.  Or you can help your papa mount this baby on the wall--whatever works for you!

Happy Happy Father's Day!

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