Birthday Extravaganza!

27th June 2012

Gifts from my sweet sister Alex, who I shall now refer to as "the rain boots fairy".  Because after Tropical Storm Debbie hit, I don't ever wanna be without the proper footwear again.

Gifts from two of the special-ist people I know--my other sister, Chloe/Sister Bear, and my Papa Bear.  Chloe knows I loooove Adventure Time and she remembered that I mentioned months ago that I wanted some supah sweet headphones.  And Papa Bear bought me this journal, all on his own.  It's nice when you get to that point in your life when you treasure your parents and the things they do for you, you know?

And these are gifts from my gnomie, Kasandra!  Toblerone--which is not just ANY chocolate, you know--and a handmade journal and Forever XXI jewelry and gnome candles and a Forever XXI dress (not pictured).  She knows me (too) well.

Birthday dinner: Caesar salad, shrimp skewers, and...
a blueberry muffin?  Gotta love Mimi's Cafe, ya'll.

My sweet Mama Llama and me

Me and Papa Bear

Me and my adoring Party Pooper husband

Sister Bear, Party Bear!

The Rain Boots Fairy and I

I started two new traditions for my birthday this year:
1. Everyone must wear party hats, even if just for a few moments.
2. I shall provide a small gifts for each of my birthday dinner attendants (this year's theme was c a n d y).

It was important to me that my birthday be special this year, but I think it should be important that I try to make every day special/memorable/worthy.

In honor of that spirit,

Happy Day, to Y O U.

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