Feather Braid Hair Accessory DIY

This is a fun custom project--all you need is a hair band, some ribbon, a charm or two, and a feather!

First, tie your ribbon to the hair band.  I tied three pieces because I wanted to braid the three together.

Next, insert your feather into the knot.  Make another knot if you need to, to hold it in place.  You can adjust the direction of the feather once the hair band is secured in your hair.

Now braid!  I tied a southwest cow skull charm to the bottom of my braid.  Georgia O'Keefe style, baby!

Once I tied the hair band in my hair, the feather stuck out at a funny angle, so I had to spend a little time adjusting both the feather and the hair band to get the desired look.  Play around with it, don't be afraid to make something wonderful and shocking--the world could use more wonder and shock, ya know?

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