Independence Day DIY: Glittered Army Men

WARNING: This is not your typical Fourth of July DIY tutorial.
This tutorial stays away from the stars and the stripes and the red, white, and blue.  This tutorial goes for the heart of
independence: the soldiers who fought for it!
Kinda refreshing, no?

You'll need clear acrylic sealerElmer's glueglitter, plastic army men, and a container to catch the excess glitter.

Cover your army men in Elmer's glue--apply generously!  Then douse your doughboy in glitter.  Shake your army men over the container so you can catch and reuse excess glitter.  Reapply glue and glitter as needed to uncovered parts.

And kabooooom!  After just a few easy steps, you are ready to celebrate Independence Day with new, classy style!

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