10 Under $20

These are my most recent 10 under $20 treasures...


1. The Olympics: FREE (with your cable subscription, of course!)

2. Spotify: FREE to $9.99/month for Premium (no commercials/ads and works beautifully on your smartphone!)

3. LOST Season One: $19.99 from Amazon

4. Adventure Time! magnets: $6.99 from FYE

5. Arnold Palmer Half & Half Iced Tea/Lemonade: $2.99 from Publix (or your local grocery store)

6. Betsey Johnson bracelets and necklaces: select items are half off at Macy's (in store only, I believe)!  That means this $35 bracelet went down to $17.50...so, naturally, I bought TWO!

7. Floral drinking glasses: $6.99 for six from Ikea

8. Assorted lip glosses: $7.50 each (and buy 2 get 1 free) from Bath and Body Works

9. Teal moccasins: $17.99 from Target

10. Teal and yellow top: $10 from Target

Happy Treasure Hunting!

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