Mini Terrarium DIY

In case you haven't noticed, darlings, I've become quite obsessed with terrariums.  I've made larger terrariums, which can be super beautiful, but I thought that little baby mini terrariums would make quick, cute gifts!

Supplies: pebbles, activated carbon/charcoal, stones, potting soil (not shown here), a glass jar (a pickle or jam jar works), and a succulent or cactus.

First add a layer of pebbles and mix in a handful of the activated carbon/charcoal.  I made four mini terrariums and varied the height of the pebble layers, just to experiment with different looks; I recommend doing the same!

Add potting soil, which should reach the top.  Make a pocket in the soil so that your plant will easily fit in.  Once you've added your plant, make sure to add more soil and pack it in gently with your fingers.  Water your plant carefully until you see water drip into the stones below.

Finally, add any decorative touches that strike your little fancy; I like to add different colored stones, but shells and other natural finds could work well, too!

Remember to water your plant every week or so, when the soil seems dry.  Make sure your plant gets some sun--but not direct sun--every day to make it happy.

And...can you keep a secret?

I plan on giving away my mini terrarium lovelies as house-warming gifts for my sisters, who are moving away to college next month...hurrah!

Happy mini gardening!

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