Customized Award Ribbon DIY

As usual, this lovely lil DIY is suuuuuuuuuuper easy!

This is a fun, customized item that you can use as
                  a. a gift tag.
                  b. a token of appreciation.
                  c. home/wall decor.
                  d. a way to make someone's day.

              You will need scissors, a hole puncher,
              ribbon, a Sharpiereinforcement labels,           
              paint card samples (which are totally

               Trim your paint card sample to size.
               It's better to cut less at first in
               case you need to adjust the size or
               trim up uneven sides later.

               Punch a hole in the center near the
               top of your card.  Don't punch the
               hole too close to the top; remember,
               you can always trim down, but you can't
               add what you've already cut off!

                 Using a Sharpie, write a little
                 note to your honored recipient and
                 add some designs!

                Now you have a customized piece of
                love for someone special!  It says
                more than a generic card and your
                recipient can display this all year
                long.  You can even make a super cute
                wall display using differing colors,
                sizes, and content!

                Now go make someone's day!

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