Terrarium DIY and Variations

                 This is a project I've been dreaming
                 about for months now, and finally!  
                 I have a few moments to create it.  
                 Experiment, get messy, enjoy!

               You will first need to buy assorted
               small plants.  I chose succulents
               like Jade and Hens & Chicks.

               Other supplies include the following:
               potting soil, small pebbles (I used
               aquarium gravel), decorative stones,
               and activated charcoal (also called
               activated carbon, found in the aquarium
               aisle).  You also need a large glass
               container (see below) to serve as the glass
               house for your creation.

                Pour the pebbles in first.  They
                should be pile up to be an inch or
                so high.  Throw in a handful of the
                activated charcoal and mix with the

                 Add a few inches of potting soil.
                 Remove your plants from their
                 containers and remove some of the
                 excess dirt from their roots. With
                 your finger, scoop out little
                 pockets for your plants and then,
                 well, plant them!  Add more soil
                 if you need to, especially if you
                 need to cover your plants' roots a
                 little better.

                 Water your soil until the water
                 begins to drip into the pebbles
                 below.  Add decorative stones to
                 fill in space not covered by the

                 Water your terrarium when the soil
                 looks dry; that could be every week
                 to every few weeks, depending on if
                 your terrarium has a top or not.
                 Make sure your terrarium has exposure
                 (but not direct) to sunlight every
                 day or so.

                 Below are a few variations to the
                 traditional terrarium; adding little
                 creatures, figurines, shells, and
                 other little oddities will transform
                 an ordinary terrarium into its own
                 little magical world...

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