What time is it?


               First, a quick little Adventure Time
               DIY from the "Card Wars" episode:
               using a Sharpie, write "COOL GUY" on
               one white ceramic mug and "DWEEB" on
               the other.  Bake both mugs in the oven
               for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.  Then
               have some wars of your own to decide
               who gets "COOL GUY" and who gets "DWEEB"!

               (thanks to ElsieCake for the Sharpie/mug diy!)

Foes...or friends?
(I think we all know the answer to this one...)

               Jake the Dog has wandered from the
               Land of Ooo into the Terrarium Territory,
               and he's become mesmerized by the
               whispered secrets of some juicy little

               Will he ever escape?!  Will Finn the
               Human save him?!  We may never know.

              (but I think, deep down, we all know)

                Happy Adventuring, Candy People!

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