Beach Treasures Wind Chime DIY


                          Beach days are
                sunny days/turquoise-blue days/
                sandy days/hungry days/bright days/
                smiling days/shell-collecting days/
                splashing days/content days/lovely

                I had a beach day this past week,
                and one of my favorite things about
                beach days is collecting shells.
                Every shell is like a tiny master-
                piece; the variety of colors and
                shapes and texture is mesmerizing,
                as I could spend hours combing the
                beach for new treasures.

                Now!  That of course means that I
                have many a shell in my large collec-
                tion.  Shells make great art and
                conversation pieces on their own,
                but some shells work a little better
                when they collaborate with others.
                Welcome to the idea of including
                your beach treasures in a one-of-a-
                kind wind chime.

               Supplies are simple!  You need shells,
               string, and driftwood (which I actually
               bought at Michael's) or a thick branch.

               Tie a piece of string to both ends
               of one of your pieces of driftwood.
               I recommend double-knotting!  Cut
               off extra/loose pieces of string.

                 Tie one end of another piece of
                 string onto your first piece of
                 driftwood and tie the other end
                 around the middle of your second
                 piece of driftwood.

                 Tie various lengths of string to
                 your beach treasures (aka shells).

                 Tie your shell-strings to your
                 driftwood, remember to cut off
                 excess/loose string, and hang
                 your beach treasure wind chime
                 for all to admire and enjoy!

                   Happy Beach Days, lovelies!

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