Makeup Table Makeover!

             What's that, you say?  Such an adorable
             little beauty product display, you say?
             Well, it wasn't always that way; take a
             look for yourself:

              Eeek!  What a mess!  Sure, the beauty
              products are grouped by category--lotions,
              lip glosses, perfumes, body sprays--but
              it doesn't feeeeel organized, and quite
              frankly, that is not a feeling I enjoy
              in the least.  So, what to do?

           Gather up some cute plates, trays, glasses,
           buckets, and other curiosities--such as bird
           cages, tins, ceramic bowls, honey pots,
           pitchers (you get the idea)--to experiment
           with.  The more you have to begin with, the
           more you have to play around with and the more
           likely you'll be to find a layout/arrangement
           that you like.  You don't have to use everything
           (I didn't use the bird cage in the end), but
           it's nice to have options.

           My lip glosses fit nicely into short glasses,
           my lotions now sit atop a vintage rose tray,
           a small ceramic plate was perfect for my
           collection of body sprays, and larger lotions
           and body sprays are situated perfectly into
           cute tin buckets I bought at Ikea.

              Now I have a delightful little beauty
              product table with a delightful clean,
              organized feel to it.  So very simple,


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