Turn a candy mess into kitchen art!

What do you do when you have a candy pile mess like you see below?  What do you do when your candy people grumble that their original wrappers are now open and they're starting to go stale?  What do you do when you can't find the candy you want because it's buried below other yummy treats?  Why, you transform your mess into an adorable piece of art!

What better way to satisfy their need for sturdier homes and my eye for the aesthetic by transforming canning jars(I just save and clean old jam jars, but pickle jars work okay, too; just make sure you really scrub out that pickle smell from the lids) into lovely glass abodes for my scrumptious treats?

Not only do I now have a cute little display of kitchen art, but all the candy people are happy as can be!

 images of Candy People belong to Cartoon Network and were found at this mathematical website

Happy munching/chewing/savoring/nibbling/organizing!

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