Shell Light Garland DIY

                 I never understood the idea of
                 Christmas in July, but why can't
                 we have Christmas lights in July?

                Anyone who loves summer loves when
                summer nights are cool enough to
                hang out with great friends outside,
                and what better way to light your
                nighttime hurrahs than with a beach-y
                light garland?

              Three materials only!  A ton of shells,
           a string of lights, and a loaded hot glue gun.

Match up your shells in pairs according to size.

             Add glue to the plastic piece just below
             the light bulb and add a dab of glue to
             the tip of the bulb as well. Quickly adhere
             your first shell.

               Repeat the process on the opposite
               side of the bulb.  Then repeat the
               process for as many bulbs as you have
               on your string!

               Now summer can thrive long into the
               evening...long live summer nights!

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